Working on your own website is a fun thing to do. You get to learn so many things while doing it yourself. But when your website is there for a purpose to help you achieve something, you cannot just spend hours playing with it.

There is always a time when you will feel that there is nothing much you can do yourself after this point. Right after that point you should hire a web professional and get things done so that you can focus on building your business.

But how will you know that now it is time for you to stop struggling and hire a professional web designer?

Here in this article I will outline some common situations my clients face and at that point they had decided to hire professional help. As I am a wordpress designer and most of them have worked on wordpress platform, they all respectfully decided to work with me.

So here are some of the reasons when you will know it is time for you to hire a web designer,

You have the foundation but don’t know where to now…

Knowing that you need a website you must have got yourself a domain name, a decent web hosting account and even installed wordpress on your server. You got inside the wordpress panel and may have added a few basic pages but you are not happy about the default layout.

hello world

After this point you have to do some serious work in order for this website to look like a professional website. You don’t have the time or the patience to learn it yourself. Every wordpress site looks like a simple blog in the beginning, so to turn it into a cool looking website –you need to hire a pro wordpress designer.

You want to take your blog to the next level

Perhaps you are blogging on a free or a blogspot platform and you have quite a great following going on. Now you want to take it to the next level and be just like the top guns. All A-list bloggers use the self hosted wordpress platform. The freedom and features WP provides is unmatched.

You want to take control of your blog but cannot do it yourself. The process seems too much complicated to you and you don’t want to lose any google rankings or user experience. Here you can use some helping hand who can move your basic hosted blog into a wordpress self hosted platform in no time.

A standard theme is not cutting it, you need something custom

In wordpress you have the option to choose a range of difference themes, templates or even skins. Now if you are using a template and you are not comfortable with the fact that hundreds or even thousands of other sites are using the same design as yours… you can then hire someone.

WordPress templates or themes are hard to customize for a non technical person. If you love a theme but want to change the design and elements to your needs, you will definitely need to hire a wordpress web designer.

You are spending hours in forums to fix something

WordPress is there to make things easy for you, not to make things complicated. If you accidentally change something and it breaks your site, there is no horror like that. You will end up spending hours trying to find answers from blogs & support forums. In wordpress, some minor syntax error can break the whole website and as a result your website will be down for several hours if you can’t fix it.

fatal error in wordpress

The longer your website is down, the more leads you are losing. So stop wasting precious time and energy in the forums and hire an expert who can fix your website. That person will be able to make the changes you desire in no time.

You are not getting any organic leads from your website

Your website is there for a reason, it acts like a business card or an online brochure. It is there to attract leads and inquiries. But if you have a website and it is not attracting any leads then you are doing something wrong. You are not getting found on google/bing or your site is not being shared on social media sites.

If this is the case, then you are losing lots of potential clients every month. You should hire an expert who will build the foundation for better search engine ranks and social sharing capabilities.

When your site loads slow and or breaks in different screens

Have you tested your site for how long it takes for it to load on average? If you are viewing it from your computer, you may never notice the difference but have a look from another computer. Load your website from a friend’s PC or from a cyber café. How fast/slow it loads up?

If you have a fast connection you may never notice the difference so have a look at these speed testing tools below,

  1. Page speed insights
  2. Web page test
  3. Pingdom

You will see the insights and suggestions from these online tools. Also make sure your website is not breaking or cutting off up when viewing from different screens. If it is, then it is the right time for you to hire a web designer.

Now you must be thinking, what does it matters? It matters because if your site loads slow or breaks up then people won’t stay in your site for longer. Page speed and usability are now parts of search rankings so ultimately you have to fix your website for success. An expert will not just design your site but will make sure that it complies with modern web standards, which will result more money in your bottom line.

Your website is outdated

Perhaps your website is built in the early days and now it needs a new look and features. You need a fresh new look and make it updated. The web is changing every year, new technology and features are adding up every now and then. Having a responsive design, clear markup, SEO friendly design, open graph tags, social sharing buttons, and schema tags are just few of them.

old outdated websites

The truth is no one likes to use an outdated website. An outdated website creates problem when viewing from different types of computers or cell phones. As a result people will abandon your site and you will lose a potential customer. This is the perfect reason to hire a web designer who is well aware of the modern web design practices.

You have to reach a deadline

The sooner you can complete your website, the sooner you can open for business. The more time you are spending trying to learn and figure things on your own, the more money you are losing. This is the perfect time for you to hire a wordpress specialist.

A professional will not just get it done according to your specs; he/she will get it done in time. So all you have to do is to launch your website and deal with your customers.

Final thoughts

At the moment having a website is not a luxury, it’s a necessity. If you are working on your personal blog or website, you can afford to tweak it for months. However if you are building the site for your business or work, you need to get it up and running as soon as you can.

Hiring a professional is certainly not an expense; it’s an investment for your business. You will be glad that how easy your life becomes when someone else takes care of the heavy lifting.

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