Are you like everybody else who puts a copyright year at the end of the footer?


Yes me too!

But do you know the problem is?

Every year you have to manually edit that year, so that it will reflect the current year.

If you don’t do that, your visitors will notice it and feel that it’s an out dated site with no maintenance.

There is a built in WordPress hack to fix this annual problem. In WP there is a PHP tag to display the date/time/year. We are going to use this current year tag to automatically display the current year on our Divi based website.

Let’s dive in!

New! Divi 3.0

In Divi 3.0 you don’t have to deal with editing the theme files or make a child theme. You can change/remove the footer copyright text from the theme customizer in WordPress. Check out this video:

Also check out my Divi beginners series YouTube playlist.

With this method you cannot have your self updating copyright year, but I’m sure it won’t be a problem editing it every year from the options panel.

#1 The Difficult Way (Editing Theme Files in Divi 2 or earlier)

I assume you have some code editing experience. If not, then scroll down to the easy way below.

I also suggest you create a child theme and then tinker with the files of the child theme.

Go to your WP dashboard > Appearance > Editor.

Now select Theme Footer from the right hand section.

The footer will load up.

Safety Tip! Copy all the code into another file in your computer, just to stay safe.

Now look for this code. <p id="footer-info">

After this area, add this code:

&copy; <?php echo date('Y'); ?>

Make sure you add a space after this code also.

The &copy; adds the copyright symbol while the <?php echo date('Y'); ?> puts the current year number.

#2 The Easy Way – Free Child Theme That Has it Built in (Divi 2 or earlier)

Just download this child theme here. It has this copyright symbol and the year code built in. I have worked on top of the free child theme from Divi Space -so you also get to edit the footer text when you are using this child theme.

#3 Non Divi Site?

You can add the footer copyright symbol and current date code just as you would do with the solution provided in step #1 (Appearance > Editor > Theme Footer).

If you are not good at working with code, you can hire me to get it done for you.

If you are not yet using the Divi Theme, then please grab a copy here! (This is my affiliate link)

So over to you!

What do you think about this tutorial? How we can make it even better?

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